I'm a graphic designer specialised in Branding and Digital Design.
Currently busy working at Circle Software & Design.

What do I do?

Design Strategy

I offer consultancy and help clients put into practice their marketing strategy. Helping them choose the right media channels and deliver their desired message to the right target audience.

Brand Identity

My approach to branding is holistic. It's not just a logo. It's everything about your business.I help clients build strong brand identity by analysing various design interactions.

Print Work

Although my main focus is digital work, I do love the old school paper. Love designing adverts, flyers, brochures and books. There is something about printed work that makes it always very special.

User Interface

I help clients create the right user interface for their applications or website. My aim is to bring simplicity back to mainstream and create an easy user journey.

Web Design

I aim to design websites that are intuitive, easy to use and aligned with my clients brand identity. For me, designing a concept and implementing that idea go hand in hand.


I do front end development to build my own web design concepts and bring my ideas to live. Built with the latest web standards and ready to be optimised by your SEO expert.


I still need to meet one graphic designer that does not have a crush into photography work. Although I don't consider myself a professional photographer, I love snapping pictures.


Since always I have had a love affair with editing and post production. Usually working with Premiere and After Effects. The world of multimedia is simply fascinating.


I love simplicity, so it's no wonder I like working with infographics. It's a magic thing to transform a complex message into something straight forward and easy to understand.


Paper and pencil would be my absolute favourite, but I do enjoy working with digital illustration as well.

Some Past Work

I'm currently too busy to take on any projects,
but if you want to learn more about my work

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